Accounting and Finance Automation
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Accounting and Finance Automation

BPA Platform and Applications Platform delivers solutions for accounting and finance departments to automate financial reporting, credit control, and everyday data entry to optimize cash flow and equip employees with current information for decision making.

Accounting and Finance Automation
  • Credit control automation
  • Automating bank reconciliation processes from online payment gateways
  • Running and distributing key financial reports
  • Automating debt management including monitoring and email reminders
  • Concur integration
  • Automating the creation and distribution of invoices and statements
  • Automating the distribution of WIP (Work in Progress) reports
  • Alerting staff when key activities occur in your business applications
  • Sending reminders for annual returns such as tax and VAT
  • Simplifying authorization processes such as purchase requisitions and purchase orders
  • Importing sales data into your business applications
  • Improving the management of company car information with   vehicle asset management software

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