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Codeless Platforms’ Applications Platform is a flexible, easy-to-use rapid application development (RAD) platform that enables you to build, manage and deploy ‘100% fit’ cloud-based applications and web portals that can extend the capabilities of your current business applications, to deliver significant ROI and futureproof your organisation.

Using a combination of wizards and drag-and-drop technology you can create mobile-ready applications with minimal coding that are easily integrated with your business applications. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made applications that can add extra functionality to your business including a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, approval workflow engine, HR employee management software, product information management (PIM) system or procurement bidding software.

Applications Platform in-Depth

Applications Platform enables organisations of any size to rapidly build and deploy robust, secure, multi-device applications through a simple point and click, drag and drop interface. Applications should be built in days not months and with nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser.

Features snapshot
Features snapshot
  • Customise the user interface by modifying components such as pages, views and templates, by adding custom icons and logos, and by selecting themes and preferred colour schemes for applications.
  • Define portals to create external facing applications that integrate with your application and seamlessly fit with in existing websites and intranets.
  • Process data records using conversion mapping, comparison, parallel and sequential approvals, record queuing, multi-currency support, and other built-in functionality.
  • Create an application data model by defining objects, fields, and relationships.
  • Define and customise workflow processes, statuses and actions.
  • Develop automated programmatic business logic with triggers and dynamic data statuses.
  • Enrich the user interface and workflow using client-side and server-side APIs.
  • Enable integration with Google Apps: Gmail (outgoing and incoming), Spreadsheet,Calendar and Maps.
  • Secure your data using a number of authentication options and sophisticated access controls.
  • Use survey capabilities to create quizzes or questionnaires.
  • Generate and process template-based documents in MS Word, MS Excel, HTML and plain text email formats.
  • Use the built-in calendar for task and event management.
  • Easily import your data and metadata from a variety of data sources such as spreadsheets,MS Access etc.
  • Use sophisticated full text search and filtering.
Build Your Own Applications

Applications Platform provides a proven environment to build all your custom business applications, enabling you to reduce development time and resources, simplify delivery and deployment, and accelerate time-to-market.

PaaS removes the pressure on you to work around off-the-shelf applications and safeguards against changes to business strategy and trading environments. More importantly, PaaS gives you the ability to scale or reduce application use to meet current requirements and budgets.

Common types of applications built include:

Build Your Own Applications
  • CRM applications
  • eCommerce applications
  • Communication platforms
  • Service management applications
  • HR solutions
  • Time management applications
  • Customer or supplier portals
  • Channel management/franchise applications
  • Expense management solutions
  • Data processing screens
  • Asset management solutions
  • Approval and compliance systems
  • Document management applications
  • Forums/collaboration environments
  • Educational solutions
Application Extensions

The Application Extensions capability allows you to seamlessly extend existing business systems. Extensions can be both small or large and be built to your exact industry, company, department or team requirements. Extend your existing application(s) with an extension that is served up in the cloud and fully integrated through BPA platform.

Common extensions to applications include:

Application Extensions
  • Asset management extension
  • Appointment booking extension
  • Expenses management extension
  • Data enrichment extension
  • Compliance extension
  • Purchase order management extension
  • Quoting extension
  • Returns management extension
  • Work job extension
  • Product management extension
  • Debt management extension
Web Portals

With Applications Platform you can rapidly build and deploy feature-rich web portals for both authenticated and non-authenticated users. Building web portals is achieved by using intuitive, point and click technology, and can be created, deployed and modified with just a click of a button.

Web portals can transform the way employees, customers and suppliers interact with your organisation. Creating a portal is a point and click exercise and is easy to create by technical and non-technical users.

Common web portals created using Applications Platform include:

Web Portals
  • Customer service portal
  • Supplier or trading partner portal
  • HR portal
  • Purchase order processing portal
  • Communications portal
  • Product returns portal

Codeless Marketplace

Codeless Platforms’ Marketplace can provide you with direct access to a range of pre-built applications, extensions and web portals. These applications can be used immediately or as a starting point to develop your own customised application.

Using the pre-built applications helps reduce development time, simplify deployment and accelerate time-to-market.

Applications that are currently available on the Marketplace include:

Codeless Marketplace
  • Approval workflow engine
  • HR employee management software
  • CRM system
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in
  • Procurement bidding software
  • Fleet management solution
Intuitive Technology

The Quick Create Wizard walks you through the steps required to build your application and, where required, intelligently adds typical objects and relationships to it. Even assigning attributes comes in the form of an easy-to-use drop-down list. By taking the complexity out of object definition and relationships you can concentrate on core requirements and user experience.

Adding fields is a pure drag and drop experience and is as simple as 1-2-3. You can simply drag a field onto the web forms you wish to display, add a singular name in the Field Name box and define field types from an extensive range of options. You can even ensure that fields are populated with a default value when users create a new record. You have complete control over the build.

Automatic provisioning of record lists, view and input screens The extensive nature of Applications Platform means that even the most complex requirements can be catered for. For example, when creating a new tab you can define the name, a tab type and then assign it to a parent tab (or not if that is the case). Views are equally simplistic to setup. You simply add a view name and choose from options such as:

Automatic provisioning of record lists, view and input screens
  • Hide this view from selector
  • Hide count of total records for this view
  • Private

You can easily add columns, sorts and grouping; calculate values upon columns and filter views (date, criteria or formula). You can even edit views and records directly on an application page.

Stunning Data Visualisation

With powerful reporting features, Applications Platform can provide instant insights into the data and processes that drive your business. The impressive array of data visualisation features include:


Utilise many forms of graphs and charts to dynamically represent your data with the latest available information. Many charts provide drill-down capabilities and interactivity options such as rotation and slice movement.

JavaScript & HTML
JavaScript & HTML

You can write custom JavaScript code to loop over a list of records, perform calculations and analysis, and display results in HTML

Document Templates
Document Templates

You can build custom Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, plain text, and XML document templates that are used to display record data in pre-specified locations.


Each row represents a data record and each column represents a field. Tabular reports can include up to three layers to show dependent records.

Advanced Features

Applications Platform has an extensive list of advanced features available for the more advanced users of an application. For example, it has both a SOAP and REST API that provides the ability to access or modify application data. All API calls are logged in the application, so those with critical needs for robust auditing are catered for as standard.

Connecting to your current systems

BPA Platform can connect practically any data source via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or an extensive range of supported 3rd party APIs through connectors. Just a few of the software vendors we work with include Sage, Microsoft, SAP, Infor, Epicor, Sugar, Salesforce, Magento and MailChimp. For a more comprehensive list as well as industry specific solutions please visit our website.

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