The measure of success is not what goes into the bank but the end user’s adoption of the new system!


1. Enquiry

Start by sending us a brief of your requirement and we'll engage with you with a short meeting and presentation (in accordance with your requirements) in order to do an initial mapping.

2. Estimate

A thorough analysis is done by the information that we collect by our experienced consultants and we draw up an initial scope of work and a budgetary proposal along with a tentative schematic plan for the project.

3. Discovery

Upon finalizing our engagement, we start working according to plan and the first phase is to look into the requirements and processes, in scope, which were earlier briefly discussed. This includes, but is not limited to, the functional requirements, architectural solution, development roadmap, project staffing, infrastructure, duration and costs, communication plan and project governance model. As analysis is the most important phase of the project, we actually have our most senior consultants engage with the core team and they actually spend physical time with every critical business function of yours. For e.g. for the goods receiving function, the team would actually spend time at your warehouse, engaging with the staff to understand the entire process in real-time. This ensures that our understanding of the processes is thorough and that we do not miss out critical elements that were not discussed in theory earlier.

4. Design

Based on the above, our consultants tediously map the requirements to the system and come out with the actual design of the proposed system and processes for your approval

5. Production

Once the design is finalized, the technical work and configuration of the system is started. At every stage though, we are very transparent with the customer and share all important relevant information so that you are fully aware of the progress and the work being carried out.

6. Launch

Of course, when we are set for the actual launch, be assured that you will have our people by your side in order to ensure that we, as a team, successfully go live with the system. We will be there by night and day during this time, depending on the complexity of the product and time restraints.

7. Support

We are always at your disposal to provide efficient support and maintenance programs/plans as you may require as this is one of the most important tasks of a post ERP implementation

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