Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) is an all-in-one comprehensive ERP solution that helps you seamlessly bring together all the various elements of your business, like financials, sales, service, operations, manufacturing etc., to help you effortlessly transact as well as make well informed decisions for your business. Depending on your requirement, you may choose where to run Business Central – whether it is on the cloud or on-premise.

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central comes essentially in 2 flavors of functionality-based licensing:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential
Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management (Employee Information)
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management
Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium
Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium
  • All features of Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential
  • Service Management
  • Manufacturing

Detailed Functionality Of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials Financial Management

Business Central brings across all elements of accounting together seamlessly, automating mundane tasks to ensure timely closure and reporting of financials.

Financial Management
Financial Management Modules
  • Basic General Ledger
  • Basic Fixed Assets
  • Allocations
  • Electronic Payment / Direct Debits*
  • Insurance
  • Bank Account Reconcilliiation
  • Budgets
  • Maintenance
  • Payment Handling
  • Account Schedules
  • Fixed Assets Allocations
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Consolidation
  • Reclassifications
  • Advanced Dimensions
  • Basic XBRL
  • Bank Account Management
  • Deferrals
  • Change Log
  • Check Writing
  • Multiple Currencies
Advanced Financial Management
Advanced Financial Management
  • Responsibility Centers
  • Inter-company Postings
  • Cost Accounting

Customer Relationship Management

You can keep track of all interactions with your customers and define your sales cycle and at hence have complete control over the same. This ensures that all your customers are optimally served, respond to queries on time etc. You can also seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management Modules
  • Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Outlook Client Integration
  • Interaction/Document Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Contact Classification
  • Mail Logging
  • Notifications
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Project Management

Completely manage and track all your Customer Projects. Define detailed budgets for the Project, measure the performance of the project against these by tracking budgets against actuals. You can plan and schedule resources and define capacities and also record Time Sheets. Directly invoice your customers based on planned orders.

Project Management
Project Management Modules
  • Basic Resources
  • Estimates
  • Time Sheet
  • Capacity Management
  • Tasks/Steps
  • User Tasks
  • Multiple Costs
  • Jobs

Supply Chain Management

Optimize and manage Inventory levels with assistance from Business Central. Keep optimum stock levels by purchasing only what you require and when you require it. Effectively manage lead times, re-order points and stock levels. Manage inventory movement across various inventory or transit locations to keep full track of the same.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Modules
  • Sales Tax/VAT*
  • Basic Payables
  • Alternative Vendors
  • E-services
  • Purchase Invoicing
  • Assembly Management
  • Item Categories
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Location Transfers
  • Item Attributes
  • Purchase Invoice Discounts
  • Item Substitutions
  • Stock keeping Units
  • Basic Receivables
  • Requisition Management
  • Item Cross References
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Alternative Order Addresses
  • Nonstock Items
  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Return Order Management
  • Item Tracking
  • Sales Invoices Discounts
  • Purchase Line Discounting
  • Item Charges
  • Alternative Ship-to Addresses
  • Purchase Line Pricing
  • Bin
  • Shipping Agents
  • Drop Shipments
  • Pick
  • Sales Return Order Management
  • Salespeople/ Purchasers
  • Analysis Reports
  • Sales Line Discounting
  • Basic Inventory
  • Item Budgets
  • Sales Line Pricing
  • Multiple Locations
  • Workflow
  • Document Management, Document Capture And OCR Document Management, Document Capture and OCR

Warehouse Management

Depending on how complex or simple your organizational processes are, Business Central allows you to define the same with ease. You may require processing your orders one-by-one or you may require combining the same. Your warehouse can be setup as a simple inventoriable location or a complex warehouse with Racks, Bins & Zones andalsodefine how stock receipts, putaways, picklists, shipments etc. will be done.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management Modules
  • Order Promising
  • Put Away
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Calendars
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Internal Picks and Put Aways
  • Campaign Pricing
  • Warehouse Shipment
  • Automated Data Capture System
  • Cycle Counting
  • Standard Cost Worksheet
  • Bin Set-Up

Human Resources

You can maintain your employee details and information such as their education details, skill sets, trainings etc. You can also track and maintain employee expenses.


Besides the above mentioned detailed functional modules, Business Central brings in additional modules that enable and flex the capabilities of the product to help you facilitate ease of operations and reporting.

Other Modules
Other Modules
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Job Queue
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Reason Codes
  • User Management
  • Intrastat
  • Extended Text
  • Embedded Power BI
  • Word reporting/Document reporting
Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium Service Management

Business Central Premium brings out rich functionality in terms of managing Service to your customers. You can manage your Customer Service Contracts, setup your service prices, service items, create service orders and create service invoices from them. You can also plan and manage resources allocated to service requests and it also helps you plan their capacity.

Service Management
Service Management Modules
  • Service Order Management
  • Service Item Management
  • Planning and Dispatching
  • Service Price Management
  • Services Contract Management

Effectively plan, manage and execute Production Orders using the Business Central Manufacturing module. Using the Demand Forecasting and Supply Planning elements of the Manufacturing module you can ensure that production is planned in advance along with ensuring material availability on time as well as resource and machine availability by using capacity planning.

Manufacturing Modules
  • Production Orders
  • Basic Supply Planning
  • Finite Loading
  • Production Bill of Materials
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Sales and Inventory Forecasting
  • Version Management
  • Basic Capacity Planning
  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Machine Centers

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