Ombori Grid is your one-stop solution platform for a digital experience in almost any physical space. With the Ombori Grid below for in-store digital experience, you can not only connect devices such as screens, cameras, sensors, RFID tags, barcode scanners and card readers, but also create interfaces that interact with the physical environment in real-time. Mix and match customizable apps on the Grid platfom and combine them to meet your specific needs. Easy deployment and scaling using no-code apps that integrate with your existing data infrastructure, which allows you to maintain multiple sites from a central control console. Increase revenue, footfall, loyalty, customer satisfaction and staff productivity, while decreasing costs. \

ombori grid

Some of the Ombori Applications to take your customer experience to the next level are:

  1. Web Kiosk / Endless Aisle

Enhance your customers journey by bringing the best of an online experience within your physical store:

  • Put your Web site on a touch screen in-store
  • Variety of UI options including touch, voice, gesture and mobile control
  • Stand-alone POS where clients can use it for self-check out
  • Store Assistant expands the Endless Aisle with Guided Selling to help your customers be inspired, informed and transac
  • Help customer to find their products locations in store using Wayfinder
  • Customer can read reviews and details related to material
  • Customer can check the product size and color
  • QR codes allow information to be downloaded to customer’s phone
  • Customer can order items for delivery or pickup if not in stock
  • Split cart allows simultaneous purchases in-store and orders for delivery
  • Enabling physical retail to be digitally agile
  1. Selfie Mirror / Station

Help your customer create memories and maximize your business opportunity at the same time:

  • The Selfie mirror empowers your customer experience by allowing them to interact inside the store and have a memorable experience by sharing their picture or by browsing the latest collection.
  • Manage customer expectation by using the data to implement a behavioural and psychological approach.
  • Innovate the customer journey through interaction by including digital and design thinking and increase the customer engagement.
  • Enabling physical retail to be digitally agile and increase brand awareness.
  1. Signage Playlist

Ensure that your instore Marketing Campaigns are always playing the right content at the right time and at the right location:

  • Automated content management: Ombori Signage playlist syncs with IoT devices to ensure that the right content is playing at the right time – reducing content production costs
  • Reduced content production costs: Our template-based platform allows your content to pull product information data directly from your e-commerce platform
  • All Grid apps can integrate with digital signage allowing you to display relevant information throughout the store
  • Interactive signage increases engagement and uses proximity detection to attract customers’ attention
  • Staff can take over a screen for use as a presentation or sales tool
  • Increase advertising revenue: Integrate with 3rd party programmatic advertising agencies to sell the screen time to brands at a premium
  1. Fitting Room Solutions

Enhance your customer experience and gain access to invaluable actionable data

  • Occupancy Awareness and Dwell Time
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Shrink Occurrences
  • Response Time and Inspection Compliance
  • Capacity Utilization, increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies.
  1. Queue Management

Allow walk-in customers to scan a QR code and join a queue without waiting in line.

  • Occupancy control and automated people counting ensures compliance with occupancy regulations. Doors can be automatically opened or closed as required, and management are notified when occupancy levels are high or low.
  • Improve Customer Experience and conversion: Customers are not waiting impatiently in a physical queue
  • Increase Upsell: Increase customer dwell time as they explore other items in-store whilst queueing virtually
  • Gather actionable data on waiting time, serving times, service levels and conversion
  • Reduce customer churn and improve satisfaction.
  • Track customer flow and ticket serving time levels per hour/day/week
  1. Appointment Booking

Offer your customers a simple way to book an appointment in advance, whether they are online or in-store

  • Complete customer satisfaction.
  • Whether starting their journey online or in-store, customers can plan for exactly when they want to be serviced in-store
  • Omni Visit enables customers to book in-person or virtual appointments
  • Order Pickup provides a smooth BOPIS experience
  • Understand your Omni-channel strategy:
  • Gather actionable data to understand where your customers are starting their journey.
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