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Xeno is the #1 Next-Gen CRM for retailers and helps them to increase their campaign conversions to drive more revenue. It is built on three pillars i.e deeper customer understanding, running relevant digital campaigns, and a partnership towards revenue maximization. To solve the perennial problem of CRM, they’ve got everything you need to delight your customers. Xeno enables retailers to:


Move away from irrelevant channels like SMS, and shift to the future-ready approach with digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Hotstar, Youtube, etc.


Not just transactions. Offer exclusive experiences & special benefits with your loyalty program.


Build a deep customer understanding & use those insights to better understand customer behavior


Run Relevant Digital Campaigns by reaching out to your customers with the right offer on the right channel at the right time.

Next-Gen features

Next-Gen Loyalty

Design loyalty programs that delight your customers while increasing revenue.

AI Audience Selection

Identify the best audience for any campaign in just 3 clicks.

Journey Builder

Identify the right moments and define a powerful 1-to-1 relationship with your customers

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